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Hi I’m Jeff, for over 40 years I’ve been working with dogs and their owners on both a personal and professional level. I’ve learned a lot about dogs over the years. There is still a lot more to learn.

There is plenty of good information available on training great dogs. However, I have found that it can be hard for some folks to just pick up a book and apply what is written to real world situations. I think the biggest challenge is that every situation is different. Every dog is different and what might work for some dogs won’t work for every dog. There are a lot of nuances in dog training it takes time be good at it. However, the rewards are many when it comes to training great dogs.

There is a lot involved in picking and then raising a happy, obedient, confident and social dog.

Hopefully my posts will help you in raising,
training, and the general care your four legged friends.

You can see from some of the pictures that I am a hunter. I have no apologies for that, it is very much a part of our lifestyle here in Montana. It is an absolute joy watching a dog do what it was truly bread for. Therefore, A portion of my posts will have to do with field work. However, every dog starts as a puppy and regardless of whether they are going to be raised for the field or for the home, it all starts the same way.

A dog that is well socialized is confident and happy and a dog that listens is important no matter what they do.

Whether you hunt, or train agility dogs, compete in obedience trials or just want a great house dog, the majority of the information that I share will be relevant to you.

When I was traveling doing dog demonstrations one of my main demonstrations that I did was titled “If you want a better dog then build a better puppy

Swimming Labrodor

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  1. Our conversations re my adopted dig, Jack (for JFK; tell you anything?); his barking is WAY out of control. Hate the idea of a muzzle; however, sleep is more important. Want to train: stay (or “wait”), sit,retrieve (for play) and “come”……you’ve been very nice and helpful. Would give you a rating if could. Glad you’re here.

    • Howdy,

      Happy to help. I understand about the muzzle, but remember it is not for wearing, it is for teaching. Only need to be on during the “timeouts”

      I am working on an article on Basic Obedience, will have it out in the next couple days. It should be helpful as far as the Heal, here, sit and there will be a little bit about retrieving as well.

      Thanks again for the very nice comment. Jeff


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